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PURE CLEAN® Degreaser

PURE CLEAN® is a versatile pro-level formula that eliminates most cleaning and degreasing problems. Our liquid concentrate finds extensive use in a wide variety of degreasing and industrial cleaning applications. Ideal for dealing with many metal manufacturing industries including heavy equipment, tools, heat treating, automotive, aerospace parts and engines, PURE CLEAN® can meet your toughest assignments.


This product is environmentally safe, non-hazardous aqueoPure Clean Industrial Degreaserus blend of wetting agents and surfactants. Most importantly this non-fuming, non-corrosive and non-flammable solution doesn’t risk the health of its users. It doesn’t raise any concerns with its usage and disposal. We have been successful in eliminating solvents, corrosive caustics, and even ozone depleting solvents such as TCE (Tricholoethane) and PCE (Perchloroethane).


PURE CLEAN® is the product of years of research that our experts have put together. It has become the our most popular degreaser as it doesn’t affect brazing, soldering, plating or painting of your parts.  PURE CLEAN® is equipment friendly and can be used with your spray washers, pressure sprayers, rotary cleaning tanks, ultrasonic and heated dip tanks. This material is a heavy-duty concentrate that would be diluted from 4% to 7% depending on your soil loads.  For best results with PURE CLEAN – you must maintain adequate HEAT & AGITATION as this improves cleaning times and the effectiveness.


Concentrated & Economical

A completely biodegradable concentrate, it dilutes in water. (In a 5% solution each 55 gallon barrel provides 1,100 gallons of one of the most powerful cleaning and degreasing solutions) Say Goodbye To Oil & Grease!